Wednesday, October 24, 2018

6 Important Things to Consider when Designing a Screened Porch

6 Important Things to Consider when Designing a Screened PorchWhen designing a screened porch, there are a couple of things you need to focus on to achieve that great-looking porch, which are as follows: size, building structure, fixtures and furnishings, add-ons, right of entry, and cost.

Designing a porch can be very exciting; however, it can also be a source of concern especially without proper planning. Therefore, the first thing to do when putting additional room at home is to make a visible layout. Everything should be found on the plan including its size, partition, and Interior design. See to it that the inside of your porch will complement the existing facade and surroundings. Here are some of the elements that need to be emphasized when building a screened porch such as:


Determine the size of the room, so that it will be easier for you to choose your furniture and other home accessories. The bigger the room, the more you need to smarten it up to make it more impressive.

Building structure

The structural support must be positioned in a way that it will offer ample space. Spacious area will encourage a laid-back ambiance.

Fixtures and furnishings

Pick bits and pieces that are in harmony with the interiors. Consider the color of the wall, ceiling, and the flooring as well before you decide on what furniture blends well. If the place resembles a contemporary look, go for matching ideas that are timeless and versatile. This approach facilitates easy makeover of the place because all you need to do is to mix and match furnishings to come up with a brand new scene.


Aside from the natural light coming from the sun, it is best to add lighting accessories that provide diverse light intensities. Choose something that can be adjusted from gloomy to very bright depending on the needs. Ensure that there are enough electrical outlets where you can plug-in your appliances. As much as possible avoid overloading your extension cords because you are putting everybody's life at risk.

Right on entry

Accessibility should not be taken for granted; in fact, a point of entry must be placed conspicuously, so that it can easily be located in times of emergencies. Ideally, there should be at least two passageways; one from the inside of the house and the other access is directly leading outside the yard. Advance thinking is always important to prevent untoward incidents in the future.


Once you have finalized your plan, proceed to your financial costing. This is an essential part of the project because you can't carry on in the absence of funds. You need to include under the costing the expenses such as materials, labor, and meal allowances when necessary.

Building an additional area in your house entails a lot of money, time, and effort. Therefore, you need to have a thorough preparation to come up with only the finest, nice-looking space.

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