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Sunday, October 21, 2018

5 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality Naturally

5 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality NaturallyIt is always wrongly assumed that the indoor air quality in a house is pure. There are a number of causes that may be polluting the indoor air quality in your house without even you realizing them. So make sure to know the causes along with the tips to improve the air quality naturally.

Often it is assumed that the air pollutants are found outside without having any adverse of them inside the houses we live. But the fact is, these pollutants can be found as much inside the house as outside. Some of the pollutants are easily traceable, these being the ones that are visible to the naked eyes. But the ones which are not, such as microscopic dust mites and mold are not so easily recognizable. So why not take measure to protect yourself and your house from these harmful organisms.

Here are 5 such tips to improve the air quality indoors naturally-

Humidity control:- Moisture in the house attracts pests like mold and dust mites which cause allergies. Allergies have undesirable effects on the health. The ideal humidity control should be between 30-50% to prevent allergies. To prevent all of these, the best practice would be to use a dehumidifier or to use an appropriate air conditioning system in the house. Apart from these, make sure to select a house that has proper ventilation.


Track the humidity levels of the house from time to time.

Take care of the water leaks in the house.

Open the windows while cooking and after showering.

Make your house a non smoking zone:- Smoking has numerous repercussions for the smoker as well the ones around breathing the air. It causes infections, difficulties in breathing and pollutes the air. The smoke lingers in the air for quite some time which makes breathing difficult. It causes an uncomfortable environment in the house. For those already facing these situations in the house, you will be surprised to feel the difference yourself once you make your house a non-smoking zone. A single drag of cigarette contains more than 3000 different chemicals.
Ask your guest to smoke outside.
Replace your HVAC filters from time to time

HVACs air filters keep various allergens away from the house. When the filters are not at certain intervals, they become clogged which drastically reduces the air quality. You will then find various debris, dirt, and dust indoors. Apart from this, it also puts a lot of effort on the HVAC system to work in order. As a result of all of these, you will find your electric bills increasing. A typical air filter should be changed after every 90 days ideally. Contact your nearest home AC repair service for such related assistance.

Avoid using chemicals:- Chemically manufactured air fresheners may seem like a good idea to keep your house aromatic.  The strong scents although may give you a fresh clean vibe, breathing them in can be harmful. Consider shifting to natural aromas without any chemicals. If you love filling your room with natural aromas, beeswax candles can act as such. These candles burn out without producing almost no smoke. Additionally, they help asthmatics. Avoid petroleum-derived candles which release the harmful affluent like soot and benzene in the air.

Keep your floors clean:- Vacuuming your floors every day with the right filters installed keeps the allergens out of your house. Make sure to vacuum all the carpets, floor corners and other such places where dust accumulates quickly and easily. Make it a habit to mop the floors as it helps to pick up the dust left behind.


Keep the dust out by placing large floor mat on every doorstep. Dirt is easily carried in shoes, so make sure to take every measure not to enter the pollutants in the house.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home An Interior Design Lift

5 Simple Ways To Give Your Home An Interior Design LiftIt's so easy to take your home for granted. Before you know it the place has lost it's luster and you are finding dust, and dreariness in every room. A home like this can drag on the subconscious moods of the mind and can begin eroding the feelings of contentment, safety and comfort that you once felt from your home.

True, these feelings may be indicative of something more serious but maybe, all it will take is a few of these low cost/no cost Interior design lift tips to bring life back into your living space.

Tip 1 - Splash A New Color On The Wall

A fresh coat of paint is inexpensive and can transform a frumpy room into a room of life and fun. Try something outside your comfort zone. If you are feeling uncomfortable about trying something too new, paint a 3 by 5 piece of foam core with your new paint selection and hang it on your wall to see if it will grow on you. This way you will also be able to experience it's color changes through the different times during the night and day.

Tip 2 - Change The Light bulbs

There is nothing as quickly mood changing as a different type of light in your fixtures or lamps. Or, be a little more energetic and change up an old chandelier with a new more contemporary design. Install a wall sconce, canned lighting or change up your end table lighting with new shades and mood enhancing bulbs.

Tip 3 - Introduce a Room Divider

Great rooms are the trend in new construction today, but maybe you are feeling that those room blends are just a bit too much. Maybe you don't want to see those dirty dishes from the kitchen while watching movies in the den. Maybe you miss the bit of privacy that walls provide when sitting down with a best friend.

The great room has become a large impersonal space that offers access to all with privacy for none.

Here is where a free standing room divider can make a wonderful difference. These privacy screens come in many designs and offer 2 to 4 panel lengths. Create a new look around the divider. Don't want to paint a wall? Paint a divider, to bring in a new splash of color and contour.

Tip 4 - De Clutter

Clutter can kill peaceful "mojo" in any home no matter how beautiful your Interior may be. It's hard to see with all that stuff. Maybe it's not so much "stuff" as it is a struggle with small spaces. Go through the room that has to much and decide if you can consolidate.

For example; use nesting tables instead of 2 or 3 individual end tables. Introduce a coffee table with storage drawers underneath so you can put all the magazines, TV controls etc in a functional hide-away.

Install shelves 2 feet below the ceiling to display those valuable photo's, nick knacks and mementos. This way you can remove the lower level catch all horizontal surfaces.

Baskets provide easy storage and organization areas that are not only functional but decorative.

Tip 5 - Introduce A Theme Or Pursue Your Personal Design Style

Go with a new theme or re-evaluate your own favored design style. Carry it through by incorporating area rugs, decorative pillows, fabrics and artwork. There's a lot of mood enhancing power in those textures and patterns.

Giving your home a house lift doesn't need to cost a lot of money; it just requires some elbow grease and focused creative attention. By implementing any one or all of these ideas will go a long way in invigorating your spirit and restoring your home to its original "I love to stay home" look.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

5 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

5 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to StayWhether youre looking to redecorate your kitchen or are ready for a full-blown remodel, youll want to ensure that the jobs done right and preferably in style! Any makeover, no matter how large or small, requires inspiration, which youre likely to receive from countless magazines, billboards, blogs, and your friends decorative touches. But how do you sift through all of these options and choose a style thats bound to stand the test of time? If youre ready to cut through the noise and make decisions that are sure to last, its time to familiarize yourself with the popular trends that many modern, quality kitchens embrace. Read on for the five biggest and boldest traits that are sweeping the industry.

1. Chic Color Choices

If youre after a look thats both tidy and elegant, white cabinetry stands head and shoulders above the rest. White not only creates a light and friendly ambiance, but is also timeless, as it perfectly complements everything from natural shades to bright bursts of color. So, you cant go wrong with this clean, versatile look especially if youre prone to frequent redecorating projects.

While white is undoubtedly the leader of the pack in quality kitchens, you could also opt for darker shades if youd like to swim against the current and spice up your space. Colors such as stone gray, plum, or even black are gaining traction, and are certain to give your space a dramatic edge thatll wow your visitors. Keep in mind, however, that these shades can make your kitchen too dark, particularly if natural light is sparse.

2. Fully Extending Drawers

Many quality kitchens still have both upper and lower rows of cabinets with doors, but this trend is on a clear downward trajectory. After all, who still wants to have a row of lower cabinets with doors when you could have slick, fully extending drawers instead? This ingenious storage solution not only allows you to get a comprehensive overview of the drawers contents at one glance, but also enables you to maximize and effectively organize your space. Thats right: no more partially empty cabinets because you cant reach the far corners. Drawers save you the trouble of bending down and rummaging through your cupboards and they look beautiful, too!

3. Versatile Kitchen Islands

Along with lower cabinets with doors, more and more quality kitchens are waving goodbye to wall cabinets in order to create a brighter, less cluttered space. As a result, islands are becoming bigger and better, simultaneously functioning as an area for food preparation, casual dining, and storage. Their versatility is illustrated by a hot trend in open-plan homes, in which islands that extend all the way into the dining or living room area are becoming increasingly common. Never underestimate the functionality of these multifaceted wonders!

4. Fabulous Floors

Solid wood floors are and always will be a top contender in this category, but lets take a moment to consider the popular alternatives. Engineered wood and ceramic tiles are more practical when it comes to maintenance, and are available in a huge range of styles and textures. So, why not go for one of these materials, which can mimic the sophistication of wood flooring, but dont stain and dont require regular varnishing? Ease and elegance all in one.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

5 Good Reasons to Invest In Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors

5 Good Reasons to Invest In Vinyl Wrap Kitchen DoorsMany homeowners spend a fortune updating the look of their kitchens. After all, kitchen remodelling is one of the home improvement projects that add the most value. But you don't have to overspend in prettifying your kitchen. If the cupboards and cabinets are the specific sources of concern, consider investing in cost-effective solutions like the vinyl wrap kitchen doors.

What are Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors?

Also known as thermo-laminated doors, vinyl wrap kitchen doors are composed of flexible thin vinyl material moulded and wrapped on medium-density fiberboard (MDF) through a vacuuming, gluing and heating process. While the surface of the kitchen door is covered with the vinyl material, the back is typically made of melamine.

Here are the top five advantages of vinyl wrap doors for your kitchen.

They Come in Various Finishes and Textures

Vinyl wrap kitchen doors come in different kinds of finishes, colours and textures to satisfy your Interior design taste. The finishes can range from glossy, semi, sheer to matte. You may opt to pick a flat-designed surface or one with intricate embellishments. The colours are also extensive, starting from neutral whites to bolder hues of reds and in between.

Aesthetic Appeal

Featuring a superior edging, consistent, beautiful finish and overall appeal, vinyl-wrapped doors prove to be excellent options for a beautiful and functional kitchen. Available in a wide range of colour and design, and with exceptional craft and installation, these doors can practically fit any kitchen look and style.

Cost-Effective Remodeling Project

Replacing your entire outdated kitchen cabinets can be expensive. Kitchen laminated doors give you the option for an almost instant makeover without breaking the bank. Such kitchen doors are easy to install over any surface, can be custom-fitted and provides the kitchen with a seemingly brand new look at a very reasonable price.


The kitchen is a bustling area in your home and having durable kitchen cabinets, drawers and cupboards are an excellent investment. Vinyl-wrapped doors excel in the durability department, precisely because they don't chip and scratch easily. Additionally, such doors can repel moisture which prevents the MDF.

Easy to Maintain

Laminated kitchen doors are also very easy to clean and maintain. Unlike wood that requires specific cleaners, vinyl doors need only a wipe, or two of clean sponge dipped in soapy water. And because such doors don't chip or fade, you don't have to repaint them.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is a hub, not just for cooking and preparing food, but also for talking, bonding, reading the paper and doing assignments. It's also a high-traffic area where furnishings can take a beating after some time. Your kitchen drawers, cupboards and cabinets will sustain wear and tear at some point, and you may need to replace or repair them. However, such endeavour can be a bit heavy to the wallet.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

5 Driveway Materials To Consider To Design The Perfect Driveway

5 Driveway Materials To Consider To Design The Perfect DrivewayCreating a home with desirable curb appeal is a goal of most homeowners. As you are choosing trees, foliage and lighting, are you also thinking about your driveway design? Except for grass, your driveway probably takes up more square footage than anything else in your yard. The right driveway is a welcome mat for your Interior design.

Your landscape plan should include the type of driveway and sidewalk that will enhance the style of your home. An elegant Tudor needs a cobblestone drive while a mid century ranch would be better suited to a textured concrete driveway. Let us look at some of the choices available today.

1. Concrete is one of the first things people think of when they consider their paving options. The plain but functional concrete drive is being replaced by versions with stamped designs as well as colors. Popular paving materials such as cobblestone, brick and fieldstone can be replicated in concrete at a fraction of the cost. You can also feature geometric designs in your drive. Staining the completed driveway will create depth and texture that adds to the illusion that you have a stone driveway . While plain concrete is one of your best budget options, choosing and paying for an upscale design will give your home increased aesthetic value.

2. Affordability makes asphalt another popular choice. It is strong , does not show stains like concrete does and needs only a minimal amount of maintenance. A long dark driveway can look impressive in a well landscaped yard.

3. Brick pavers create a driveway that is elegant and timeless. This is a wonderful choice for an historic home. You can sometimes find old bricks for sale at companies that specialize in demolition of older homes. Patterns can be created with the bricks ranging from herringbone to basketweave. A foundation bed of sand will give your driveway stability. Another plus is that if a brick cracks it can be replaced without interfering with the whole driveway.

4. Cobblestone is a costly but long lasting choice for high end homeowners. It is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. The labor intense process of laying this material, plus the cost of the material itself, makes the up front cost prohibitive to most homeowners.

5. If brick and natural stones are out of your price range and even concrete pushes the budget, you do have the option of gravel. This crushed stone is eco- friendly because it allows rainwater to soak into the area instead of running off. Maintenance is minimal. You will have to replace the stones every few years but you will never have to worry about cracks in the driveway. Adding a border of bricks or larger stones will give your driveway definition. This choice of driveway material is popular in rural settings.

When choosing a driveway material think about price, maintenance and durability as well as how well it fits the look of your home and yard. How does it fit into your lifestyle? Children that skate or shoot baskets in the driveway will appreciate a smooth surface. If you live in a snowy environment talk to a local driveway designer to see what is slip resistant and easy to shovel. Drive around neighborhoods with homes like yours and see what driveways appeal to you.

Every detail of your home, when thoughtfully chosen, adds appeal for you to enjoy now and contributes to the resale value in the future. Spend a little time looking at the decorative and functional options for your driveway. You will reap the benefits every time you return home.

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