Sunday, October 9, 2016

Read Here Shopping at Foxfire antiques, Middleburg Now

This past weekend I visited charming Middleburg, Virginia, the heart of Washington equestrian life. While there I shopped -  naturally! One of my favorite finds was the antique & design shop Foxfire.
Located in the heart of town Foxfire features a number of continental antiques, primarily French, but a few in particular caught my eye.
 These French metal armchairs would be great sanded and painted a deep forest green or even black.
I spent a lot of time lounging in these 1930s club chairs with original leather. I love that the seat has been reupholstered in a brown velvet so your legs won't stick or slip on the leather cushion, depending on the time of year.
These artistic mirrors were my favorite piece in the store, though clearly not real antiques. An artist takes a number of different minerals to the backs of regular mirror to create very colorful versions of 'antiqued' mirror (the stylish smoky glass you so often see).
Some versions of this were imprinted with designs but I loved this matching pair of smoky versions (much like traditional antiqued mirror with the addition of color) in warm sunset colors.
The marble top of this antique table was so patterned that at first I thought it was faux-painted. This would make a great kitchen table and remain cool to the touch for baking.
The sides of these upholstered chairs were beautifully detailed with a natural oak finish. Be sure not to miss Foxfire Antiques when you visit Middleburg!

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